Endeavour Mission

One of our major projects is creating an innovative immersive sci-fi concept that combines television and direct game-play participation from its audience.

Set within a non-linear storytelling environment, there are no scripts or video-game narratives. The crew are not actors and every control console is real, so they must rely on their training and experience to complete each mission.

Audiences can watch the live action, chatting, tweeting or rating the crew’s performance. Or, with the right training they can become a part of the crew themselves, operating an actual system console and collaborating as if they were on the ship.

Delivering such a dynamic, live interactive environment is an incredible challenge and has inspired some serious innovation from the M-Squared team. We’ve developed a number of bespoke systems to deliver against this challenge:

Simulation Engine

This is the system that gives the concept its extraordinary realism, allowing a detailed simulation to be created of any vessel system as well as associated control consoles. Importantly, the system is designed to be accessible, with a drag and drop interface that allows participants to create or upgrade systems without writing a single line of code. This means the concept can be continuously improved by its participants regardless of their software development skills.


The level of professional collaboration and training needed from participants to achieve this level of realism required a sophisticated multi-function website. This ranges from a standard promotional media website to Facebook-style groups that allow professional collaboration between participants. A wiki-style document repository manages complex technical documentation including layered, role-based access.

An academy sub-site is under development that will deliver online courses and virtual seminars to give participants the skills they need to engage fully with the concept.

Broadcast Systems

The concept will be live and unscripted. That means the team will be faced with a broadcast environment as dynamic as a football match and as complex as any sci-fi episode.

A multi-camera environment across multiple enclosed sets will integrate directly with the simulation engine to deliver external views of the ship in space. Later, everything will be edited and polished into more traditional tv episodes.

Find out more

You can learn more about Endeavour and her deep space mission at www.endeavour.tv.