Ion Sci-Fi

Started as a way to keep members engaged during COVID, our sci-fi news show has become an unexpected hit.

Our Endeavour Mission simulation concept relies on participants being physically in the simulator. Remotely accessible simulators are available for training but that’s no substitute for the full experience.

COVID lockdowns severely limited what could be done with the simulator. The team took the opportunity to work on new systems and began blogging sci-fi news as a way to keep members engaged.

ABOVE: Ion Sci-Fi field crew covering local pop culture event Oz ComicCon
It didn’t take long to realise that the existing video capabilities built into the simulator could be used to produce a weekly video show based on the blog.

Ion Sci-Fi was launched.

Sci-Fi News With a Local Perspective

The show presents news highlights from sci-fi, gaming and space news from an Australian perspective and includes coverage of local sci-fi personalities, groups and events in the form of studio interviews and field articles.

The show has even presented its own screen awards, recognising the best sci-fi on film and television as voted by local experts and viewers.

While intended as a temporary COVID measure, there are plans to continue the show even as participants return to the simulator.

“We realise Ion is a niche show, but with the great response we’re getting from viewers and subscribers it seems like a niche that needed filling,” says Matt Moran, Ion Sci-Fi’s showrunner.