Concept websites launched

M-Squared Media has launched a new suite of media websites as the home of its immersive sci-fi concept.

The new website design meets the challenge of presenting immersive sci-fi, which has dual aspects: The first recognises the concept as an online TV show, while the second aspect delivers an immersive experience, transforming audiences into participants in a highly realistic simulated environment.

This means that the concept can be different things to different people. Some will want to roll up their sleeves and engage the simulated environment as part of the crew. Others just want to watch some great sci-fi.

The broadcast site at is designed as a typical TV site, presenting production updates, background information and ways to watch. The visual design reflects the vessel’s console interfaces.

The “immersed” website, where the concept is treated as real, has the visual design typical of a large organisation – in this case the International Strategic Deepspace Command (ISDC). Technical information, training materials and news for serving crew will be accessible here. There are multiple sub-sites within this area, including a careers website at, where participants can get a feel for what’s possible and start planning their online futures.

Direct access to the immersed sites will be limited to preserve the air of secrecy around the ISDC that you’d expect for a highly classified organisation. Visitors will initially be directed to the Milesham Organisation website which represents the ISDC’s cover story. Those wanting to access the ISDC will need to demonstrate their suitability by solving a puzzle to unlock access.

Multi-Functional Websites

Drupal was chosen as the content management system (CMS) for the sites, which have been designed to fulfil multiple functions.

Effective collaboration is vital to the immersive sci-fi concept and the website offers Facebook-style groups for participants to exchange ideas and work together to develop new systems and procedures.

A technical document repository ensures that the latest work is accessible. Role-based access control ensures people see only the information appropriate to their level of participation.

A training academy will allow for the presentation of online courses, testing and direct interaction between trainees and instructors.

Check Out the Websites

The broadcast site is available at

The "immersive" ISDC site can be seen at